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Port name: Fortaleza, Brazil
Status: Port Open
Port ID Number: 27141
UN Locator code: BRFOR

Port facility name: PORT OF FORTALEZA

Assigned port facility number: 8500

Alternative name(s) for port facility (if applicable): CIA DOCAS DO CEARÁ – CDC

Description of port facility: Located at Mucuripe inlet, amigos da Marinha s/nº Equare, the harbour entrance is 100 m wide and 11 m deep; the access channel is 1,5 km long, its width varies from 80 m to 100 m and it is 10 m deep.

Latitude: 3º 41’ 28” S

Longitude: 38º 33’ 29” W

Maritime security point of contact: Safety manager: Clovis Barbosa de Moura Neto phone: (85) 266-8830 e-mail:, Adress: praça amigos da marinha s/n CEP: 60182-640 – Mucuripe – City: Fortaleza – CE.

Port facility has alternative arrangement (Y/N): No

Port facility has approved port facility security plan (PFSP): Yes

approval date: 18-Jun-2004

Has this port facility plan (PFSP) been withdrawn: No

If port facility has been withdrawn Date of withdrawal: